Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Terms of Endearment

It turns out I don't like James L. Brooks films. I didn't like As Good As It Gets or Broadcast News. And now this film. Why did I watch it? Well, it won a bunch of oscars, including best film, and Jack Nicholson is in it. But it hasn't aged well. There's an annoying cuteness throughout the film. Even Shirley MacLaine's Give my daughter her shot! scene has a sitcom feel to it. And am I a complete monster for feeling nothing at the end, when, spoiler, Debra Winger dies? I have nothing against a good tearjerker. Kramer vs Kramer, E.T., It's a Wonderful Life, hell, even Forrest Gump... but this one doesn't work for me.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Desire As, acoustic


Gary Groth asked me for a synopsis of the new book, to be used in the Summer 2015 catalogue. Here's what I wrote:

A somewhat lighter collection of material from Jason this time, consisting of eleven stories that mix pop culture and genres, pastiches and mash-ups. Frida Kahlo is a hired killer. Santo, the Mexican wrestling film star, faces his ultimate challenge. The rise and fall of Chet Baker, told in six pages. Night of the Vampire Hunter. The last word on the JFK assassination conspiracies. A heist story told in non chronological order, that also somehow includes images by Magritte. A big bug story based on the 50's black and white films. And what would Van Morrison's Moondance album look like if it was a horror comic? All as foretold by Nostradamus.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moondance Horror Comics 6

Okay, this is the last one. I'm not going to do covers for The Dreams of You, Brand New Day, Everyone and Glad Tidings. I'm pretty sure.