Friday, December 31, 2010


Europe, World War 2. Jack Palance is a brave lieutenant in conflict with the cowardly captain Eddie Albert. Also starring Lee Marvin, Buddy Ebsen and Richard Jaeckel, directed by Robert Aldrich.

So, who would win in a fight between Palance and Marvin? I think I'd put my money on Palance. You never know with a guy who starts doing pushups when he receives his Oscar. Unfortunately, we don't find out in this film. Made in 56, enough time had apparently passed that not all American soldiers must be shown to be heroes. The film is based on a play and has a definite theatrical quality - sometimes its psychodrama is verging into parody. It's just a bit hard to believe in Albert as the captain, that he would make it that far without being discharged for incompetance, which also makes it a bit hard to believe in the film.

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