Friday, May 6, 2011

Village of the Damned

In an English village all the inhabitants fall into a deep sleep lasting a few hours. Later the women turn out to be pregnant, and the children that are born have strange powers. Starring George Sanders, Barbara Shelley and also that guy from that one episode of The Fawlty Towers... the one with the guy posing as a lord and who tries to steal Basil's coin collection, you know?

Another film with pregnant women but no bellies showing! Of the horror subgenre of creepy kids this must be one of the best films, even though part of the concept maybe has lost some power being copied in shows like Flashforward and a John Carpenter remake. One thing I like about the film is it's Britishness, with characters saying things like Blimey! and Strewth!, things I've previously only heard on Monty Python. Also the fact that, even though some theories are given, there is no answer where the kids actually come from or what their purpose is.

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