Monday, November 18, 2013

Mr. Rabbit


  1. Hey Jason, speaking of rabbits, are you familiar with the work of Stan Sakai, who created Usagi Yojimbo? His wife is having health problems and CAPS is raising funds for him and looking for art to auction off to help him out. Naturally, I thought of you, with your anthropomorphic characters and thought that I'd love to see you do a Usagi-inspired piece. I'd certainly bid on it!

    You can check out details here:

    Stan is an outstanding guy and I want him to get all the help he can, so please excuse my soliciting on behalf of this cause. Feel free to delete my post if you feel it's inappropriate.

  2. Hello K.F.,

    I'm aware of Sakai's work, but haven't read any of his books - will look into doing a sketch.