Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tombstone, director's cut

Rewatched the film and... still don't like it. The dialogues are just too silly and modern sounding. Okay, the film is more authentic than John Ford's version, but there are a lot of characters and backstory, and I think you really need to simplify or re-invent this story to make it work. Neither Kurt Russell here or Kevin Costner in his film manage to make Wyatt Earp into an interesting figure. Again, it's Doc Holliday that steals the show; Val Kilmer has the best lines of dialogue and his deathbed scene is the best scene of the film. Not sure if the director's cut brings anything new to the film, and anyway, I thought Kurt Russell was the one calling the shots after the original director had been fired early in the filming, not George P. Cosmatos.

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