Monday, January 10, 2011

The Train

August, 44. The Allies are approaching Paris. A German Colonel collects the best of French art to have it sent to Germany on a train. It's up to stationmaster Burt Lancaster and the French resistance to stop it. Also starring Paul Scofield and Jeanne Moreau, directed by John Frankenheimer.

It's another great Lancaster/Frankenheimer film, again based on real events. There's the usual problem with English language films from World War II - a strange mix of accents or lack thereof. Some of the dialogue by the French actors are clearly dubbed. Lancaster himself plays a Frenchman, and with a handrolled cigarette in the side of his mouth he actually looks a bit Jean Gabin-ish. It's easier to believe in him as a Frenchman than in Tom Cruise as a German in Valkyrie. The film is shot in gorgeous black and white. It asks an interesting question: How many lives is a painting worth?


  1. Je l'avais trouvé pas trop mal Tom Cruise en allemand... aussi bien que Liam NESSON en allemand dans la liste de Schindler... aussi bien que Yul Bruner en roi thailandais dans Le roi et moi...

  2. Il est trop américain pour moi , pour être crédible comme allemand. Au moins Neeson est européen.