Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Atlantic City

Burt Lancaster is an old nobody from the glory days of Atlantic City that finally gets to be a hero. Also starring Susan Sarandon, directed by Louis Malle.

This is very much a European vision of America. Just like Barfly by Barbet Schroeder it's more interested in the backside of the American Dream. It's a great role for Lancaster. In a small part we also see Wally Shawn from Malle's My Dinner With André. This is the last Lancaster film for now, but I hope to find some more. I'd like to see the other films he did with Frankenheimer and also Elmer Gantry that he won his Oscar for.


  1. Après LANCASTER, c'est qui le prochain acteur "thématique" ?

  2. Je continue avec le réalisateur Louis Malle, je crois, ses premiers films français.