Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kill, Baby... Kill!

The fourth film in the Bava box, Knives of the Avenger, is a viking film. I'm skipping that one for the moment and rather watched Kill, Baby... Kill! A remote village is cursed by the ghost of a dead girl. The people who see her will then die. A doctor who has been called to the village tries to find out what is behind the curse.

Nice title! It's not quite fitting, but who cares. It's a return to the gothic world of castles, fog and spiderwebs. The film looks great, as usual, with a very good transfer. The colours really pop. It's maybe a bit slow, but has some remarkable, haunting single images or scenes, that in the end maybe work better than the film as a whole. But Mario Bava shows that demonic children can be a lot scarier than werewolves or vampires. Werewolves don't exist, after all, whereas children do.


  1. cool, bava is one of my favourite directors! if you stop in almost any frame of his movies, it will be a beautifull picture. one of the best mood creators ever!
    you should check "blood and black lace". And, one of his most fun movies, but highly under rated, is "diabolik", based on the fumetti and with morricone soundtrack.

  2. Haven't seen Blood and Black Lace yet, but I've ordered it. Might write about it later. I've been curious about Diabolik. Hmm... maybe I should check out that one as well.