Friday, October 15, 2010

Jeff Bridges, part 2

Jeff Bridges has been in some classic films, but he also has his list of turkeys. Heaven's Gate is the most famous one, I suppose, but I'd say that film is Citizen Kane compared to Against All Odds, from 84 , directed by Taylor Hackford . Watching the film you can't help but constantly wonder, they took one of the best film noirs ever, Out Of The Past, and remade it into this?!

Bridges plays the Robert Mitchum part, James Woods the Kirk Douglas part and Rachel Ward the Jane Greer part. Jane Greer herself, poor woman, plays Ward's mother. The film also stars another film noir icon, Richard Widmark, in a supporting role. I wonder if they asked Mitchum and he turned them down. If so, good for you, Bob! The story is Woods asks his friend Bridges to go find Ward who is hiding somewhere in Mexico.

God, is this a boring film. Even the final showdown where everybody is pointing guns at each other manages to be boring. The film has some of the most insanely stupid dialog this side of Plan 9 From Outer Space. It has two of the least convincing fightscenes ever. One thing it does have is a musical number with Kid Creole and The Coconuts, okay, I'll grant it that. It also has one thing the original didn't have, a sex scene. I always thought the one thing missing in Out Of The Past, the one thing that really held it back from achieving greatness, was a scene of Mitchum shtupping Greer. You call Casablanca a masterpiece? Where's the scene of Humphrey Bogart going through the Kama Sutra on Ingrid Bergman, that's what I'd like to know.

But I guess the joke is on me since I actually sat through the whole of this film.


  1. hey, i just saw in fantagraphic´s facebook that they will release a new collection of your works, but they dont say what stories will be in it. can you tell it?

  2. Hi, El Bergo. What I Did will collect my three first books: Hey, wait..., Sshhh! and The Iron wagon.

  3. I love Jeff Bridges, I especially love him for his turkey's. He also doesn't subscribe to the whole best seller = best movie or best oscar = best movie. In interviews he likes to sell the movies he thought were the most different, and he loves first time directors which is rare. For all this and more I love Jeff Bridges.

  4. Me, too! But his 80s movies are less interesting than his 70s movies. Not that that is his fault.