Thursday, September 5, 2013

Exhibition, signing

I will have an exhibition at Grafill in Oslo, opening September 12, 6 PM: There will be pages from both Lost Cat and Pop!, and I also did some new paintings, like this one of Bukowski. Then there will be a signing at Tronsmo bookstore September 14, 2 PM.


  1. Ah, it would be nice to see that show! I hope it's fantastic for you. Sadly, a trip to Oslo is not in the immediate cards for me. But my wife has some Norwegian heritage, so one day hopefully!

    On another note, a question about Pop! that I forgot to ask when you posted the table of contents: why no Robert Smith busking?

  2. It's funny you should ask. I started penciling a drawing of Robert Smith lying in bed, like in the Lullaby video, with a spider hanging up side down from the roof. But for some reason it was never finished. Maybe some day...

    And, if it's a comfort, some of the originals and paintings from the exhibition might end up at the Beguiling site at some point.

  3. Ah, "ceiling" is the word, I guess. Not "roof".

  4. Oh, yes--it's always nice when more of your work makes its way to the Beguiling art sales! I actually got that Robert Smith busking piece for my wife for her birthday last year.