Tuesday, May 8, 2012


(apologies to Allen Ginsberg)

America I have returned to Europe and my feet hurt
America I walked around in Manhattan and peed in the corners, marking my territory
Manhattan now belongs to me
America I only did three sketches while in New York
That's not very good at all
America you are too big for my sketchbook
Yes, that is the reason
How do I fit in the sky skrapers?
America will you sign your photo for my nephew?
He's a big fan
America do you want me to strangle Paris Hilton in her sleep?
America I'll do Kim Karblooshistan as well
Two for the price of one America
Well, you can think about it
America these are the books I bought in New York
C by Tom McCarthy
Jesus' Son by Denis Johnson
Angels by Denis Johnson
You have many good writers America and Johnson is one of them
I got another book as well
Various Positions; A Life of Leonard Cohen by Ira B. Nadel
but I got that book in Toronto
I'm sorry America yes, I've been unfaithful
Will you ever forgive me America?
America these are the books I picked up at the Fantagraphics stand
Love and Rockets New Stories no. 2
Murder by High Tide by Tillieux
Sibyl-Anne vs. Ratticus by Macherot
New York Mon Amour by Tardi
Yes, it's another book about you America
What else is there to tell about?
Your dreams are filling my European brain
The neighbors are complaining about the noise
America I got a cold in New York
No I don't really blame you
I should have worn a sweater
I get colds easily
It was stupid of me
Why am I telling you this America?
America I don't know
America when will the first black, lesbian atheist be elected president?
America will the last buffalo be served as a hamburger at McDonald?
America when will the flying cars come?
Come on America
America we are waiting for you
You have to show us the way America
We still want to believe in you America
America I'm lost in your airports
America am I holding my map upside down?
America is this train going uptown or downtown?
America is that person holding a gun?
Will you look for me America?
America I knew that you would

Written while jetlagged. Thanks to everybody who came out for the signings. It would have been a bit lonely if you hadn't. Thanks to Benjamen, Desert Island, Peter and Chris of The Beguiling, and Jacq, Kristy, Jen, Mike and Janice of Fantagraphics who politely faked interest while I rambled on endlessly about my unhappy childhood in the coal mines and my theories about who built the pyramids (The pharaoes, I tell you!) Okay, I'll go to bed now.


  1. Again, it was a pleasure meeting you, and talking with you. Thanks for listening while I rambled on at you! And thank you of course for the great sketch in my Athos copy. Truly, your work is endlessly inspiring to me, and I can always rely on it as a refuge from the sourness of the world.

  2. Thanks, Antranik. It was nice meeting some of the people who read and comment on this little blog...

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  4. I really wanted to get to MoCCA to meet you, but it was a busy weekend. Ah well, maybe next time.

    Speaking as an American, I at least would not mind at all if you strangled Paris Hilton. I just worry that you'll end up martyring her. You know, the old "strike me down, and I shall become more powerful then you can ever imagine" principle.

  5. I'll certainly come back to MoCCA some day.
    Yes, it's just a matter of being patient, I guess, and both Hilton and Kardashian will be gone and forgotten. To be replaced by somebody else, for sure, but still...