Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ah, merde!

The little shop where I used to buy my milk and bread has closed down and been replaced by a new, bigger shop with bright colours and lights. It was already a chain shop, 8 à huite, and is now taken over by the owner, Carrefour, but before, it was a bit dark and dusty, a place where I didn't feel completely out of place. Now it's become this ugly, shiny monster, looking pretty much like the kind of supermarket I tried to avoid shopping at in Norway. With the exception of little, old ladies, I don't really see who would want this new place, looking very much like an eyesore on what used to be a pretty charming little street. Why does everything have to become so ugly and soulless? Really, is this progress? Ugh... I will have to find some new place to shop now. Hopefully I won't have to end up walking for ten minutes to go get my youplait yogurt that I thought was in my fridge but turned out I ate all of yesterday.


  1. The same thing happened with my local pub. I still go there but its just not the same!

  2. It's a shame is what it is ...