Saturday, October 22, 2011

Howard Hawks

Top five Howard Hawks films:
1. Rio Bravo
2. His Girl Friday
3. Only Angels Have Wings
4. The Big Sleep
5. Bringing Up Baby


  1. Hi! Do you like "The Big Sky"? And do you count "The Thing From Another World" as a Hawks movie?

  2. I haven't seen The Big Sky. It's good? Yes, I consider The Thing From Another World a Hawks movie. It's okay, but a bit tame if you've already seen the Carpenter remake.

  3. "The Big Sky" is good yeah, a bit overlong and heavy on the ethnic caricatures but if you like Hawks westerns I think you'll enjoy it. Also Kirk Douglas!

    I think the two "Thing" versions have somewhat different concerns; what excited me about the original was how my gut instincts were on the scientist's side far longer than I imagine a 1950's audience's would have been, it's not that common to have a movie tell me my worldview is WRONG in such clear terms.