Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bob Dylan

Top five Bob Dylan albums:
1. Blood on The Tracks
2. John Wesley Harding
3. Highway 61 Revisited
4. Bringing It All Back Home
5. Another Side of Bob Dylan


  1. Those are good, but I like Blonde on Blonde best. I also like his most recent three.

  2. Blonde on blonde is very good. And I like Nashville Skyline as well.

  3. Highway 61 Revisited and Time Out of Mind are my favorites. John Wesley Harding's an unusual choice, though it's a solid album. "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" is sublime, and then of course there's "All Along the Watchtower."

    Another Side is greatly under-appreciated. It has so many masterpieces on it! Over half the album is outstanding, timeless stuff.

    What a rich career he's had. And he's still at it, at age 70. Staggering to think about.

  4. Have you heard the New York version of "Blood on the Tracks"? My favorite by far. I can't even listen to the "official" version any more. I can send you a copy if you need it.

  5. These are all great albums. Of course Blonde on Blonde is missing, I think "Visions of Johanna" may be one of my favourite Dylan songs of all time. Lately I've delevoped a soft spot for Nashville Skyline, I like the fact that he did that very conform record in the midst of the hippie revolution.

  6. I really like Bootleg 8: Telltale Signs. Sometimes the demo versions of songs are better than the songs that appeared on the albums. Sometimes better songs that were held back because they didn't fit the overall mood of the album.

    Bootleg 1-3 has "Blind Willie McTell" -- a true masterpiece.

  7. Blood On the Tracks.