Tuesday, October 4, 2011

David Sylvian

Top five David Sylvian / Japan records:
1. Secrets of the Beehive
2. Rain Tree Crow
3. Brilliant Trees
4. Gone to Earth
5. Tin Drum

Alchemy: An Index of Possibilities is also pretty good, at least what was the A side of the record.


  1. Blemish is my fav. I look forward to your top of Bowie and Scott Walker records:).

    Today i got my "Isle of 100,000 Graves". Just SC, but i like the cover's texture, and i think it's a very nice and stylish edition.

  2. Thanks regarding Isle of 100 000 Graves!
    I can admire some of the later Sylvian cds, like the Nine Horses project, but it's not something I re-listen to. I prefer the older, more melodic songs.