Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Awful Truth

Cary Grant and Irene Dunne is a couple facing divorce. They have regrets and try to make the other person jealous. Also starring Ralph Bellamy, directed by Leo McCarey.

It's a sophisticated screwball comedy. Dunne isn't quite Katharine Hepburn, but still does okay as a partner for Grant. It's Bellamy, though, that almost steals the film. The energy drops after he exits two thirds into the film and the last half hour isn't quite that funny. Grant again gets to show how well he does physical comedy. The bit with the hat is probably the funniest part in the film.


  1. I think Irene Dunne is a better match with Cary Grant, Grant is a bit smug and Hepburn is a wild aristocrat. Maybe your right about that last half - I have always enjoyed the part where Dunne comes in as the sister and pretends to drink heavily. That movie wraps me in a spell I'm not quite sure why.

    Ralph Bellamy is fantastic in everything, there are so many people who try to play that type of character today and come off insincere or overly dumb.

  2. I'll give Irene Dunne a second chance. My Favorite Wife is up next.