Monday, November 8, 2010

15 favourite cartoonists

Charles Schulz
Hugo Pratt
Dan Clowes
Jaime Hernandez
Chester Brown
Lewis Trondheim
Jim Woodring
Julie Doucet
Christopher Nielsen
Joe Matt
Serge Clerc
Christophe Blain

This list is from a facebook challenge of naming 15 favourite cartoonists that have been an influence, in less than 15 minutes.


  1. of course the is headdown. moebius frist herge last. and, what are doing hugo pratt there?

  2. I'm a big fan of Moebius, but he's never been a direct influence on my comics. Well, possibly Arzach... Hugo Pratt was a great cartoonist; I especially like the way he used silent panels. The Ballad of the Salt Sea is not only one of the first graphic novels, but also, still, one of the best ones.

  3. In the reverse way: I don't know if you heard Didier Comès selected one of your originals to show at the expo in the "Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium"?

  4. No, I hadn't heard that. Silence by Comès is another of my favourite graphic novels.

  5. I really like Chester Brown and Jim Woodring.
    Do you like Edmond Baudoin, Chris Ware or Robert Crumb? In Spain there is a great cartoonist called Clara Tanit, her comics at times I remember your stories, is very interesting. Anyway, you to are in the gropu of the greats!

  6. Yes, I like Baudoin, Ware and Crumb. I haven't heard about Clara Tanit before. Has she been translated into French or English?

  7. unfortunately not been translated yet. This is her blog;, I read Wasalom and ¿Quien ama a las fresas? and I liked a lot, especially the content of their stories and her childish style. other comics question; do you like Johnny Ryan?

  8. I haven't read any of Johnny Ryan's books.

  9. nice list, but who is fabio? its a shame that laerte its not known outside brazil, but i think that many times he is very regional and wouldnt be understood by foreighners. but chek it out his blog anyway:

  10. Fabio is Fabio Viscogliosi. I recommend the book Da Capo, published by French publisher L'Association. It's all wordless comics, and it's a brilliant book.