Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Jane Fonda is Barbarella, a groovy chick flying in her spaceship looking for Durand Durand. Directed by Roger Vadim.

God, movies from this period, the late 60s, could be slow - not slow interesting but slow boring. I managed to get through the film by splitting it in two viewings. It is very episodic, with no real motor driving the story. I've never read the comic, so I don't know how faithful the film is. Fonda is actually pretty good in her role, never looking too embarrassed, despite the skimpy outfits and the lines of dialogue she has to deliver. The producer is Dino De Laurentiis - it's a bit hard saying which film is most camp, this or Flash Gordon. At least this film has the Fonda stripping scene during the title sequence. Unfortunately, it goes pretty much downhill into snoozeville after that.

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