Wednesday, May 14, 2014



  1. Awesome. I love seeing artists' work spaces--thanks for sharing!

    Um, on another note, I launched a webcomic last week. It's a work in progress. Lots of trying things out and learning as I go. But I would be honoured, Jason, if you wanted to have a look. There are three strips up now, with more coming soon. I've got a few stockpiled, and I'm hoping to post at least one a week going forward. The address is I thank you in advance for even thinking of looking.


    1. Thanks, Antranik and congratulations on the webcomic! I like the childlike quality of the drawings - a nice contrast to the stories. Hope TCAF was fun.

    2. Thank you sir! Means a lot to me that you had a look.

      TCAF was fun indeed! I talked to many nice people (including Lynn Johnston, Leslie Stein, Jeff Smith, Tom Spurgeon and more), bought lots of comics and two originals, and Renaud Dillies drew an amazing sketch in a book for me. Great day.