Wednesday, March 27, 2013

David Lynch

Top 5 David Lynch films:

1. Blue Velvet
2. Mulholland Drive
3. Elephant Man
4. The Straight Story
5. Eraserhead


  1. Mulholland Drive is number one for me. Inland Empire is probably #2.

  2. Inland Empire had some good moments, but as a whole it felt disappointing. I should re-watch it.

  3. There are rumours he's preparing a new film (with Laura Dern).

  4. As much as I love Blue Velvet, I think I'd give a slight edge to Mulholland Dr.

    Not sure why, but I think it's a more effective combination of the contradictory elements in his work: high comedy and dark drama, the mundane and the surreal. When I watch Blue Velvet, depending on my mood, I watch it as a completely different movie: sometimes I'm terrified by it, other times I giggle all the way through. With MD, I do both every time.

    Inland Empire had some really amazing bits. I think if it had been shortened and more effectively edited, it could have been in the top 5.

    Have you seen the Herzog movie he produced, My Son My Son What Have Ye Done? It was much better than I'd expected.

  5. No, haven't seen the Herzog film. I'll give it a try if I find it.

  6. Mine would look like this:

    1. Mulholland drive
    2. Wild at heart
    3. Lost highway
    4. Inland Empire
    5. Eraserhead