Monday, October 8, 2012

More books

More books from amazon in the mail:

The Carter Family by Young and Lasky
Krazy and Ignatz: 1919-1921 by George Herriman
Rendezvous in Black by Cornell Woolrich
Winter Journal by Paul Auster
The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing
American Elf: Book 4 by James Kochalka
The Cavalier Mr. Thompson by Rich Tomasso
Pirateria by Calef Brown

While in Nérac I bought
Nightclubbing Desperados by Serge Clerc
Rébétiko by David Prudhomme

and got the book signed by David! Now all I need is the time to read all this stuff.


  1. Mr Prudhomme is one of the nicest persons I've met in book-signings!

  2. Yes, and an amazing artist, as well!

  3. Hello Jason, This is sort of off topic but, I was curious if you had any book/comic shop recommendations for Paris, France. I'm taking my first visit there tomorrow (for two weeks) and would love to find some interesting shops. Thanks for any input, Love your work by the way. Best Cartoonist, hands down.

  4. Hello Tubby! Thanks!
    Super Héros at 175, Rue Saint Martin is a very good store, and close to the Centre Pompidou. It's the place I usually have signings in Paris. Despite the name, there are no superhero comics. And then, where Bd Saint Jacques crosses Bd Saint Germain, there are lots of comic book stores, the same with the side street Rue Dante. If you're hungry, stop by Mex&Co in Rue Dante, my favourite restaurant in Paris.