Thursday, October 11, 2012


Top 5 Columbo episodes:

1. The one with the magician
2. The one with the IQ club
3. The military academy one
4. The one with the chess game
5. The one where Columbo's wife has given him a new coat and he tries to lose it


  1. As much as i like Columbo I have to say Kojak is my favorite T.V cop show of all time!

  2. Let's not forget The Rockford Files! Okay, he was a private investigator, but still...

  3. Columbo is simply the best television crime series ever! Intelligent scripts, very good acting.
    It's difficult to pick favourite episodes, because there wasn't really many with lesser quality.
    It would like at least to mention "Try and Catch Me" about mystery author Abigail Mitchell.

    If I should select a crime series today worth watching, it would be "The Mentalist". Check it out!

  4. The Mentalist or Monk are okay, but it's not the same as the classic Columbo episodes. Even the Columbo episodes from the 90s, it's just not the same.

  5. Episode with magician and with a new coat is the same one and it's perfect. It's "Now You See Him" and Jack Cassidy as villain is so good.