Thursday, October 4, 2012

47%, Looper

I spent far too much time watching CNN, back when I was in Montreal. It was pretty depressing following the reports about the two candiates, behaving like little kids in a sandbox. I'm not sure I get it - why couldn't Romney apologize for his 47% comment instead of desperately trying to back it up? Why should a politician lose credibility if he apologizes for something he said? I think I would have more respect for the guy if he had. McCain actually seems like a pretty decent man in comparison. And don't start on Ryan, who has the same crazy, brainwashed look in his eyes that Bachman has. I'm sure he would be a great president if Romney won and then keeled over! And why hasn't anyone talked about global warming?!

Saw Looper before I left, and was kind of disappointed, after the rave reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I have no problem believing the time travel stuff. The telekinesis stuff is a lot harder to swallow. Combined it's a bit too much. The first half hour is pretty good, but then it really drags a bit for the next hour. Some nice images, though and Joseph Gordon-Levitt does a good young Bruce Willis..

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