Tuesday, April 26, 2011

50 things

I enjoyed this list: http://cinema-fanatic.com/2011/04/22/100-things-i-love-about-the-movies/

I managed to come up with half that number, 50 things I love about the movies:

  1. Christina Ricci tapdancing in Buffalo 66

  2. Harry Dean Stanton's monologue in Paris, Texas

  3. Eric Blore in the Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers films

  4. Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson singing in Rio Bravo

  5. The opening of the box at the end of Kiss Me Deadly

  6. The Marseillaise scene in Casablanca

  7. The ending of The Third Man

  8. Woody Allen's blind date in Play It Again Sam

  9. The dance scene in Bande à Part

  10. Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice

  11. Gene Kelly doing the Singing in The Rain number

  12. Cary Grant in His Girl Friday

  13. The whole car chase in Mad Max 2

  14. John Wayne lifting Natalie Wood into his arms in The Searchers

  15. Henry Fonda in My Darling Clementine

  16. The spaceship sequence in Life of Brian

  17. Bill Murray, divingboard scene in Rushmore

  18. The attack on the Death Star in Star Wars

  19. The creature with eyes in its hands in Pan's Labyrinth

  20. The Oh, Captain, my Captain scene at the end of Dead Poet's Society

  21. The train station sequence in The Untouchables

  22. The decapitated woman laughing in The Brain That Wouldn't Die

  23. The bank robbery in one long take in Gun Crazy

  24. The mirror sequence in The Lady From Shanghai

  25. Tony Curtis disguised as a millionnaire in Some Like It Hot

  26. Steve Martin making coffee in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

  27. Adrienne Shelly in Trust

  28. Buster Keaton buying a new hat with his dad in Steamboat Bill Jr.

  29. The wedding in The Deer Hunter

  30. The pre-title sequence in Raising Arizona

  31. The German woman singing for the French soldiers at the end of Paths of Glory

  32. The car / subway chase in The French Connection

  33. The dead guy in yellow jacket standing upright towards the end of Blue Velvet

  34. The breaking into the CIA computer room sequence in Mission Impossible

  35. Diane Keaton in Love and Death

  36. The knights descending from their "horses" in The Holy Grail

  37. James Stewart being drunk in Philadelphia Story

  38. The swimming pool scene in Let The Right One In

  39. The sound of Lee Marvin walking in Point Blank

  40. Brad Pitt chasing the killer in Seven

  41. Kurt Russel in Escape From New York

  42. Indiana Jones shooting that one guy in Raiders of The Lost Ark

  43. The duel at the end of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

  44. Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

  45. Shout! dance sequence in Animal House

  46. Jeff Bridges hitting the ball on a string, on the roof in The Fabulous Baker Boys

  47. Linda Manz' voiceover in Days of Heaven

  48. The scene with The Mystery Man and the telephone in Lost Highway

  49. The heist in Rififi

  50. Jon Polito in Miller's Crossing

I'm going to have to think some more to come up with another 50 things. And yeah, I should go back to working on my next book...


  1. The problem with these sort of lists is that you always end up changing your mind...

  2. J'adore cette idée de liste... je trouve ça très drôle...
    Je vais essayé, mais en même temps c'est pas facile !

    Par contre je ne vois pas de quelle scène vous parler pour Lost Highway ?

  3. Cette scène:http:

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  5. I only got 4 things:

    1.The magic that a some good director can do
    with a horrible script.

    2.Its romantic even with the junk food.

    3.If the movie is bad you can still entertain
    your self by angering the other people.

    4.Its an event and also makes for a great back-up