Saturday, March 5, 2016

J. Carlos


  1. Wow...I'm going to look up more of his work.

  2. Hey Jason

    I hope you don’t mind us contacting you through your blog. We’re a young film making team who’ve been fans of your work for a long time. We’ve always been moved by your economy of storytelling through beautiful framing, expressive characters and minimal yet intriguing dialogue. We’ve been talking for years about how much we’d love to adapt one of your stories into a short film.
    We think ‘The Smiling Horse’ from Athos in America would make a great short and give us scope to look at a style which would take all the character of your work and bring it into moving pictures.
    Below are links to some of our previous work. We’d love to know if this kind of project is something you’d be open to.

    Kindest regards,
    Archie & John

  3. Hi,

    as long as it's just a short film that you will put up on youtube, it's ok. If it's something where you will start earning money from the film, then a contract will have to be signed. Good luck with the film!

    1. Hi Jason
      thats great news, we will not be making any commercial gain from the film. I will send you a link when the project is complete.
      Thanks again.