Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gone Girl

Another disappointment from Fincher. As with Girl Dragon Tattoo, it is well made, but easily forgettable. Try something else, Finch. You've already made one of the best films about murdering maniacs. Except one scene toward the end, involving a lot of blood, the film lacked the Fincher touch. The Game was a disappointment too, but at least it had some great, creepy scenes. I just didn't buy the story. What works on the page, doesn't necessarily work on screen. And the whole media satire part feels pretty tired. Rosamund Pike is good in her part. Ben Affleck has some of the same qualities as Tom Cruise: he's hard to relate to. You just want to punch him in the face. If it had been Mark Ruffalo or someone like that the film automatically would have been more compelling.

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