Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Films of 2013

I saw four films in the cinema this year, in order of preference:

1. Thor: The Dark World
2. Inside Llewyn Davis
3. Iron Man 3
4. Passion (by De Palma)

So yes, I enjoyed Thor more than Inside! The scene of Loki being informed about his mother's death I found more moving than anything that happened to Llewyn Davis. I'm sure the Coen film will grow on me, and I'll probably get the dvd at some point, but I had high expectations and ended up a bit disappointed. Before Midnight, Frances Ha and the Jarmusch vampire film (is it out yet?) I'll also just wait for the dvd, no rush. I don't think there was anything else this year that I'm dying to see...


  1. Frances Ha was great.
    I'd recommend Mud, and Upstream Color (if you liked Primer).
    Prince Avalanche was pretty good too, don't think anyone expected much out of that one.

  2. Haven't seen Mud or Primer. I've heard Prince Avalanche is pretty good, but haven't seen it or any other films by David Gordon Green. I'll give it a chance if I find a copy.

  3. the great beauty (La grande bellezza). Plus Mud was pretty swell too.

  4. Two votes for Mud? I will have to check it out.

  5. I guess I'll toss in my recommendation for Mud as well. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. However, the best film I saw this year was Her. Fantastic acting, some great little humorous moments, and Spike Jonze is just a master filmmaker and storyteller.

  6. Ok, will have to check out Her as well.