Monday, January 28, 2013



  1. I love it, great work, even when you just use one's a great colour.

  2. The colour pencil I use is actually redbrown, but comes out more red in the scan.

  3. Welldone, Jason, as usual!! :-D
    I´m also very happy to see how we share very similar tastes in Movies (Melville, Tarantino...), Music (The Smiths...), Fine Arts ("Nighthawks" is one of my favorite Edward Hopper´s paintings...). In my opinion, it´s clear the relationship between your drawing style and your writings with your artistic tastes. And this blog is an good vehicle to know you a little more as an artist, which is great. Emmmh... er... Would you marry me? Hehehe... ;-P
    Kindest regards and keep your excellent work !!