Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The cat beneath the tree in my backyard is back, looking up at the squirrel. It might be an other cat. It might be an other squirrel. The best place for squirrel-watching in Montreal is probably Parc La Fontaine. Except the benches all have Fresh Paint notes on them. I saw a white squirrel there the last time.

I long for the days of waking up by the chirping of birds. Now it's by carpenters in a neighbor house, starting hammering and electric saws at 8 in the morning. There should be a law...

The book: Getting closer to the end. It's around 25 half finished pages left. Hope to have it done by the end of the month or early September. There's still some details and backgrounds + colour penciling left on the pages back in France. Also the covers and endpapers. But hopefully it should all be finished and scanned by the end of October.


  1. You seem to have a high work moral and to be highly efficient. And it looks as if you have a "a-book-a-year"-rate. Is this by your own choice or is it due to a publishing contract?

  2. No contract. But so far I've done pretty short books. I'd lose my mind, I think, working on a book for 10 years.