Saturday, December 10, 2011

Half finished page

This is a page from the detective story. For the moment I have a lot of these, where the characters are more or less drawn but the background is still missing. This is usually how I work: the characters first, and then I'll go outside and find a street or whatever is needed and draw that in with pencil and then go back home and ink it. For you aspiring cartoonists out there, this is not a method that is recommended! Rather draw the setting first and then place the characters into that, okay?

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  1. Since there is no comment here and I readily devour all your comics, I must comment. Lately I have been drawing huge environments...machines in deserts really...and placing very small figures in them. And then I go back to drawing figures and trying to figure out how to get backgrounds in. Is that just a perennial cartoonist problem?

    Love the blog, and your candor. Hope to catch you at a signing in the US someday.