Friday, August 26, 2011

Le Havre

The trailer for Aki Kaurismäki's new film, Le Havre, can be found here:

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  1. It's all out of the black bags now..GROSS- AK'S CROWE- RAP- AUSTRIA- RISA...
    LEARS with RICKY the GREYHOUND and GROSS a ROPER- HILLARY- QUEEN- all accounted for with BOOKS & SIGNATURES...
    C/ O - " Rock".
    And now OLIVER NORTH looking to be the bee for the guns and the kids and the heroin because - GAYLE - RICK - ROVE - GATES - all informing and trying to make fast "reconciliations ..." and everyone's on " pins and needles" because whoever has the most info, wins the prize of " freedom".
    And the kids in " EF" are helping a lot!