Tuesday, June 21, 2022

And now in Norwegian



  1. It's all Greek to me. Open upside down?

    Today Norwegia, tomorrow the world! Are there any American talk show hosts caricatured in the new book—say, a Stephen Colbert? ;)

    The excerpt on the Fantagraphics site seemed like a good one!

    1. That's the direct translation. But there is a phonetic wordgame lost in English. Sorry, no Colbert in this book. Maybe the next one. (My favourite American talkshow host is Craig Fergusson, by the way.)

    2. Do you do any in-person book tours or comic conventions or festivals (in any countries)?

      BTW, who colored these covers? (It looks good.)

      I've been enjoying the work of cartoonist Ben Sears lately. He's a Fantagraphics labelmate. But particularly his earlier ‘Plus Man and Hank’ series published by Koyama Press (now defunct). It's all-ages adventure but very fun. I mention it because he colors his own books, and his style is not unsympathetic to yours. His coloring seems less ‘scene-based’ than most, and comes across kind of naturalistic and matter-of-fact.


      The series seemed to get a little heavier on color as it progressed, and his mini-comics and Young Shadow pursue a very different, monochromatic style. Maybe a name to consider if you do another book in color (and casting for a new colorist)?

    3. No festivals planned for this year.

      The coloring on the cover was done by my editors at Atrabile. I had some suggestions myself, but they did the actual job.

      Ben Sears is a new name to me. Will have to look him up.