Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Brothers Bloomchurch

The Brothers Bloom
Ah, too much quirk. Far too much. Half would have been enough. Between Brick and Looper Rian Johnson made this film. It looks like he was trying to do his version of Topkapi, even having Robbie Coltrane in a Peter Ustinov-y part. The first ten minutes are really awkward. There's a constant artificial tone, that you either take or don't. I didn't and gave up after 45 minutes.

Broadchurch, season 1
You can see a moody Wallander, The Killing, Scandinavian crime influence on this show. I don't think the plotting is that strong. It feels a bit mechanical in the way it sets up the red herrings. But the dialogues are pretty great, and the characters actually feel like real people, often, great shock!, behaving like real people would. And the last episode got quite emotional, I must confess.

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