Monday, July 16, 2012


I guess I should visit some museums while I'm here, but I don't care too much about that stuff. What I usually do when I'm in a new city is walking around blindly, discovering things by accident and getting lost. I find a café and sit by the window looking at people. The local coffee shop is a good one for that. There are some interesting faces to see walking by. And I've been here enough times that I've started recognizing some of them, like bearded Brad Pitt guy.

The book: To be honest, I've struggled a bit with the ending, the final scene. Usually I have the ending one third into the book. I had an idea for this book as well, but it didn't feel right. I came up with some other solutions that worked, but were still not quite there. It was a bit too serious, but finally I changed it a notch to the left, that made it both a bit touching, I hope, and ridiculous. Which is always a good mix, I feel. And the book is ending up with exactly 150 pages. Still some work left, though.


  1. So exactly where are you now? :-)

  2. Hopefully you'll go local and party like your 18 until 3 am at "Les foufounes électriques".

  3. Ah, I'm too old for noisy bars or nightclubs.