Wednesday, June 20, 2012

...and dvds bought in Montpellier

1. Tintin - Secret of the Unicorn by Steven Spielberg
2. Submarine by Richard Ayoade
3. Mean Streets by Martin Scorsese
4. Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen
5. Boy Meets Girl by Leos Carax

It was one of those 5 dvds for 30 euros deals at Virgin Megastore. Together with the ones I got in Paris and Oslo it really should be enough dvds for a while. First up: Tintin!

I think I had an open mind about seeing this film. I knew it would be different from the comics. Film's a different medium. It would be Spielberg's Tintin, not Hergé's Tintin. Spielberg has done some good films, right? But, no, I didn't like it at all. I almost turned it off after the first half hour. Okay, it's visually inventive, but it's just too noisy, with constant movements - a film for the videogame generation, and closer to Pirates of The Caribbean than the spirit of Tintin. I longed for a quiet moment with not much happening. Even Raiders of The Lost Ark had some of those. The silent film slapstick + Hitchcock suspense that you find in the Tintin albums is completely gone, it's all just a rush for the next action scene. And they screwed up the funniest scene from the album, at the pickpocket's apartment where Dupont and Dupond find all their wallets!

Ugh... I need to see a slow Kaurismäki film next.


  1. I was very disappointed with the pickpocket scene too!

    Also they dropped the moment when Haddock tries to uncork Tintin's head and Milou saves him. Too bizarre? Too scary for children? Actually, as a child I liked that scene because it was scary...

    I want to see Submarine. Heard good things about it.

  2. The dream sequences in Tintin are always interesting, the uncorking dream being one of the best. Yes, the film was a lot of missed opportunities. Why the rush? Why not more character stuff? Where's the quiet little scene that you remember after all the action stuff is forgotten?

  3. Submarine is *amazing*. I love Richard's eye for the frame and the way he directs his actors is just so different.