Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another page...

... from the next book, Athos in America. This is a page from the sixth story, drawn with a lettering nib and colour pencil. I'm not sure how the redbrown colour pencil will affect the colouring by Hubert, if the colour will be included or if it will be scanned in black and white.
-Jack has escaped from prison, boss. He will be on his way here to get his cut of the money.
-Maybe, maybe not.
-Whose house are we burning down, boss?
-My mother's.


  1. This is already on my wishlist

    The song that come to mind when I see this comic is:
    All We Ever Wanted Was Everything (by:Bauhaus)

  2. Virker svært lovende! Forresten, vet du når "Isle Of 10 000 Graves" vil bli tilgjengelig i Norge?

  3. Det er meningen den skal komme ut paa norsk i mai.