Monday, February 28, 2011

A page...

... from my Dracula story in Almost Silent. I chose to take it out since I was a bit unhappy about it. If it had been included it would have been on page 22.


  1. Why is he missing his fangs on second frame?

  2. Good question! Must have forgotten to draw them...

  3. Got cut in the Spanish edition from Astiberri >:(
    It only comes with:
    The Living and the Dead
    You Can't Get There From Here
    Tell Me Something
    Those Cheapaloons from Astiberri "debase" it :/

  4. c'est marrant comment vous arrivez en 6 cases à faire passer tellement de choses... déjà de l'humour (parce que ça m'a fait d'abord bien marré, mais aussi on sent tous les désarois de ce personnage, qui a l'air blasé, perdu, et qui ne sait pas vraiment qui il est... tout seul devant sa glace, il se cherche...

    j'adore !

  5. Merci, B.!

    Federico, the story where this page was taken out has been published in English in a book called Meow, Baby!, later collected in Almost Silent. So far that book hasn't been published in Spanish, but who knows, maybe one day...

  6. I know about "Meow, Baby!" *Not as if I had been investigating all your published works, putting them in a list and then crossing off my scavenged ones from that gloomy local comic stores (Argentina), just as a schoolgirl collecting Elvis memorabilia

    *Whops... that'is the case enought "Misery" by now

    But going back... they made feel the title "En pocas palabras" feel just as it was "Almost Silent" (Astiberri) the title traslate literal as "In few words" and usually that kind of errors in translation is common... but in this case the "Similarity" feels more like bad faith from Astiberri

    It only encourages me to order from Amazon the Fantagraphics version, despite they charge the local shipping the same amount that the book itself. xD

  7. Actually, it was my idea for Astiberri to collect those three books in one collection and call it Almost Silent in Spanish. I liked that title so much that I also suggested it to Fantagraphics for their collection, even though its two different books. So blame me, not Astiberri!

  8. Ò.ó Youuuuuuuu!

    Nah, who i'm kidding i' can´t get mad at you.

    Pd. I hope the bomb mail to Astiberri get lost at the customs office